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Major auctions are becoming a regular feature for the coin machine collector.

  • In 1994, it was the Sotheby auction of Dr. Smith's Penny Arcade collection.
  • In 1995, it was the James Julia auction of Stan Harris' vending machine collection.
  • In 1996, it was Roy Arrington's Victorian Casino Auction of coin operated gambling machines. It was called the "Greatest Auction Show of the Twentieth Century".
The auction contained close to 1000 lots, including 30 upright floor model slots, 2 original Frank Polk figural slot machines, many early cast iron machines, over 50 jukeboxes, several orchestrions piano, 2 Mills Violin Virtuosos, 9 ticket printing scales, as pumps, barber shop items and more. The auction was held in Las Vegas on September 7 - 8, 1996.

Enough background, here are some of the realized prices, as recorded by one of the attendees. All the prices below include a 10% buyers premium. As always, care should be taken in interpreting auction prices, because low prices can be a function of the machine's condition and the lack of bidders for a particular machine at a particular auction. In like manner, high prices may be the result of two overly enthusiatic bidders.

Selected Auction Results

Sitman & Pitt, cast iron 5 reel poker trade stimulator $2310

Mills 5 cent floor model "Cricket", all original $16,500

Mills 5 cent War Eagle slot machine, restored $1,925

Watling 10 cent 2 column ball gum vendor front slot machine $1810

Pace 5 cent Comet twin jackpot, 2 column front vending slot machine with skill stops $1210

Double sided die cut Poll Parrot sidewalk shoe sign $1650

Mills 5 cent fllor model "Owl" slot machine in excellent working condition $4950

Mutoscope, cast ironfloor model picture machine $3300

Cowper "CrackerJack" countertop 4 jackpot game with new door $2860

Mills 5 cent "Brownie" counter top single wheel slot machine, restored $3960

Wurlitzer model 41 counter top jukebox $4075

Rock-Ola model 1422 jukebox, restored $4675

Mills "Violin Virtuosa" self playing coin-op violin machine in as found original condition $12,100

Mills "Owl" penny arcade lifter strength machine $1260

Pace 1946 Deluxe $1.00 slot machine, restored $1980.

Mills 5 cent "Dewey" floor model slot machine, restored $9900

Mills "Sweethear" QT slot machine $1320

Mill's 25 cent "Chicago floor model slot machine, restored, $11,560

Watling 5 cent "Owl" floor model slot machine $10,630

Chicago Band Bank in original as found condition $2310

Caille Bros 5 cent "Centaur" floor model slot machine, restored $13,200

Evans, 5 cent "Rouletto" console floor model machine $6160

Caille Bros 5 cent "Our Baby" counter top single wheel slot machine, restored $5175

Watling 50 cent Rol-ATop slot machine $3410

Caille Bros 5 cent "Puritan" floor model slot machine $6930

Penny arcade floor model electric shock machine, "Electric Nerve & Muscle Massage" $2750

Mills, 5 cent "Owl" floor model slot machine $6150

Mills one cent "Target Practice" counter top skill game $610

The "Park" cast iron cigar cutter & lighter $1870

"Odd or Even" cast iron spinning ships wheel gambling cigar cutter $1320

"Pig & Barrel" cast iron cigar cutter $1650

"Head or Tails" cast iron donkey, gambling cigar cutter $3300

"Tax Collector" cigar cutter $880

"Place This Way" combination cigar cutter and lighter $825

Groetchen "Club Columbia" 25 cent slot machine in excellent condition $660

Wurlizer model 850 "Peacock" jukebox, restored, $18700

Wurlizer model 780 jukebox, restored $5500

Caille Bros 5 cent "Puck" floor model slot machine $12,100

Mysterious Eye 5 cent counter top cash pay machine $1430

Watling coin front Rol-A-Top slot machine $3460

Restored "Dayton" country store barrel computing scale $935

Caille Bros floor model 5 cent roulette machine, restored $52,200

Mills "Little Perfection 5 reel poker trade stimulator $1100

Peo counterop baseball machine $770

Bally Reliance 25 cent dice game, restore, $3120

Mills 5 cent Duplex floor model slot machine $32,250

Seeburg coin op A-Roll piano style C $6600

Frank Polk carved floor model Indian Medicne Man slot machine, $11,100

Regina, Concerto 32" Disc stype 300 piano, restored $32,400

Restored Koch fluted base barber chair $2400

Seeburg A-roll Dog race coinop piano $8800





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