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    For over 21 years, Loose Change Magazine was the flagship collector magazine for the antique slot machine hobby. There is an incredible wealth of information in these timeless magazines on slot machines, jukeboxes, pinball machines, and gumball machines, and all things coin operated. All magazines are uncirculated and are in near perfect condition.
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    The following listing depicts sample stories from back issues of Loose Change.

    Issues with Slot Machine Articles

    Fall 1977 Premier Issue of Loose Change -

    July 1978 -
    The Vest Pocket STory (Vest Pocket Slot Machine
    Do It Youself Slot Stand

    October 1978 -
    The Columbus Gumball Machine Story (11 pages, lots of photos)
    The Caille Multi-Bell 7 Way

    June 1979 -
    The Little Duke Slot Machine

    December 1979 -
    Collecting Trade Stimulators

    January 1980 -
    The Mills Futurity Slot Machine

    March 1980 -
    Watling Rol-A-Top and Treasury

    December 1993 -
    Watling's Multi-Coin Rol-A-Top
    Multiple Coin Slots

    July 1980 -
    Master Gumballs & other Master machines

    January/February 1994 -
    History of Australia's Aristocrats Slot Machines

    June 1993 -
    Debugging the Bally Electromechanicals

    September 1982 -
    Pachinko Machines
    1960s & 1070s Casino Slots

    December 1983 -
    Canda Perfection Trade Stimulator

    May 1984 -
    Trade Stimulators

    November 1981
    Watling Rol A Top - 3 different fronts
    Exhibit Hole In One Arcade game
    fun Fair Show Overview

    January 1978: -
    Watling Slot Machines
    Watling Treasury and Rol--Top
    Slot Machine "Bugs"
    (worn magazine)

    October 1979 -
    Pace Kity: Feature Story
    Identify Slot Machines

    May 1980 -
    Bull Durham slot machine
    How and why to buy at auction?

    June 1980 -
    Largest and Smallest Slot
    Antique Gamblers Auction

    August 1980 -
    Mills Horse Head Bonus
    Photography for collectors

    September 1980 -
    Si Redd: Slot Machine King
    Set Up Your Booth
    Auction Fever

    October 1980 -
    Watling Derby
    Gold Leafing slot machines
    Keep slots honest
    Gambling Superstitions

    November 1980 -
    Slots in England
    Ceasers Tahoe
    1980 Fun Fair

    December 1980 -
    Jim Davy Newhall Pharmacy Slot Collection

    January 1981 -
    Caille Brothers
    Restoring a Backbar
    Pony Express Museum Coin Op Collection

    March 1981 -
    Bally Double Bell (8 pages)

    June 1981 -
    Mills Dice Machines - Feature Story (10 pages)

    September 1981 - -
    History of Nevada
    Harold's Club
    Caille Centaur Floor Machine
    Reno: First Gaming License in Nevada
    Restoring Cabinets

    December 1981: -
    Laurence Birnbaum Penny Arcade Collection
    Exhibit Supply Atlas Dumb Bell Lifter Arcade game
    Restoration Advice: Special Caille Green

    February 1982 -
    Wurlitzer Automatic Harp
    Arcade Diggers
    Restoration Advice: Rechrome Plating Handle & Bushing
    Exhibit Hit to Win Arcade game
    Jack Williams Rare Slots

    March 1982 -
    Mills QT - Feature Story (8 pages)
    Exhibit Electric Energizer arcade game
    Penny Nickel Master Gumball Machine
    Collection of Tony Noel
    Harrah's Pony Express Auction

    June 1982 -
    QT article addendum
    Squires & Corrie
    Exhibit Arcade Dice Fortune Teller Arcade Game
    Collecting in Sweden
    Helpful Hints: Cleaning Wrinkle Finish Painted surfaces

    April 1982
    Penny Scales (long article)
    Exhibit Palmistry Fortune Teller arcade game
    Charles Fey story
    Wurlitzer 1050
    Restoration Advice: Protective Slot Machine Base Plate

    May 1982 -
    Mills Vest Pocket
    Exhibit Jazz Baby Arcade game
    Pinballs with a science fiction motif
    Restoration Advice: Regluing Slot Machine Cabinet Sides

    August 1982 -
    Bakers Pacers Restoration Techniques Bakers Pacers Service Manual

    November 1982 -
    Manufacturing Slots in the 1980s
    Exhibit Floor Model Photscope Arcade Game
    Video slot Machines
    Steve Grownowski Collection
    Helpful Hint: Regluing cabinet sides

    December 1982 -
    Bally High Hand
    Exhibit Model D CArd Vendor
    Allan Smith Collection

    March 1983 -
    Cast Iron Slots and Stimulator
    Exhibit Horoscope Arcade Machine
    Traveling Arcades

    April 1983 -
    Slot Machine Jackpots - Feature Story (14 pages)
    Exhibit Astrology Arcade Machine

    May 1983 -
    Computer Charts for Slot Machine Payouts
    Helpful Hints: Refinishing Reel Tins

    June 1983 -
    Slots in Australia
    Hell's Angel Slot Collector
    Exhibit Automatic Pistol Range Arcade Game

    July 1983 -
    Mel Hindu Slot Collector
    Exhibit Aviation Strike Arcade Game
    Helpful Hint: Salvaging a Bronken Spring

    August 1983 -
    Silver Cup Slot
    Bill Thomas collection
    Exhibit Knockout Punch Tester

    September 1983 -
    Exhibit Champion Muscle Developer Punching Bag
    Gold Strike Inn & Casino

    April 1978: -
    Triple IMP
    What are Slots worth?
    Early Pocket Slot Machines

    February 1979: - $9.95
    Slot Payouts
    The Roy Arrington Story
    Making the Movie: Tilt

    March 1979: -
    Hoke Snake

    July 1979
    Mills Dice Machines
    Buying Slot Machines by Mail
    Patents and Early Slot Machines
    Goliath Discophone Jukebox Radio
    Restoration of a Wurlitzer 1100

    August 1979: -
    Buckley Track Odds
    Gambling Cheating Collectibles

    September 1979 -
    Caille Ben Hur
    Auction Protection (Tricks of the Trade)

    September 1978: -
    Tools of Slot Machine Repair
    Amusement Tokens

    Other Issues

    October 1983 -
    Making a Lamp out of a 3W1 Wallbox
    Exhibit High Striker Arcade Game

    November 1978: -
    Charles Fey
    Automatic Music
    Story of D. Gottlieb
    November 1979 -
    October 1979 Fun Fair Slot Show: Feature Story

    February 1981 -
    Knotts' Buffalo Nickel Arcade
    Danny Dingrillo Collection
    Almost a Wurlitzer

    April 1981 -
    Stan Eilker collection
    House on the Rock
    Automatic Pistol Range Arcade Game

    April 1979: -

    August 1981 -
    Fey Electro Fire Shooting Gallery
    Bally Fireball Pinball Machine
    Restoration Advice


    April 1985 -
    Penny Flips, Drops & Pocket Machines


    December 1985 -
    Character Slots


    April 1986 -
    Baseball Slots


    May 1986 -
    The Domino Dice Slot Machine


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