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New Classified Ads Follow

For Sale: Playboy (Hugh Hefner) pinball, $l,500 firm; the coke machine $900; the Seeburg large speaker $1,250; the Seeburg 1958 Model 201 jukebox $5,000; Seeburg 200 wall box $350. Contact: Dianne Holt in Reno NV at 775-530-1877

For Sale: Character Slot - Homeowner Sale - $3600. See Photos and Description

Wanted: Repair to an older Bally Game Maker slot and a Williams fire slot. Located in Hyde Park, Utah -- 435-890-2607

Wanted: Repair of a digital bubbler cd jukebox. Located in North Park Chicago. Jeff -- jftbomb@hotmail.com

For Sale: Soda Machine. Greg -- 406-260-3413 P>Wanted: Repair of a Rockola Tempo II Jukebox and Seeburg 161 located in Western, MD. Dave -- 301-876-3141

Wanted: Appraisal of a Bally slot machine, model 1088. Located in Colorado. Kelly -- 303-791-1497

Wanted: A complete hopper for a 742 Bally. -- 17802319844
- - - - - -

For Sale: V200 Seeburg in good condition. Also, parts to three newer machines. Located in NJ. Dwight -- 908-895-1850

Wanted: Bottle door for a Vendo 39. Tommy -- 202.437.4334

For Sale: U-Select candy machine - floor model. Price: $500. Located in Benton Harbor, MI Scott -- 310-941-2650

For Sale: Arcade Cards. Emma -- 386-208-0849

Wanted: Manual/schematic for a 1977 Seeburg Slot machine, model P5LF-2. Mike -- 818-840-8986

Wanted: Heating element for a Poperette machine. Jay -- 609-670-0760
- - - - -

For Sale: 1946 Wurlitzer Jukebox and a Multicade, Eric Millegan -- 917-548-7137

Wanted: Repair of a 1969 Jukebox located in Fredericksburg. Lance -- 540-907-4111

Wanted: Manual and parts for a Shipman Spin It Trade stimulator. Cameron -- 403-652- 2272

For Sale: Bally Model 952 & 831 located in Sacramento, CA. Denise -- 916.397.3827

Wanted: Repair of a Bally slot machine video poker located in Beverly Hills. Florence -- 310-99409561

Wanted: Repair of a slot machine located in Napa, CA. Jim -- 707-483-4374

Wanted: Repair of a 1950's electromechanical Bally slot machine located outside of Boston, MA. Matthew -- 617-335-0069
- - - - - -

Wanted: Repair person for a 1957 Rock Ola jukebox 1464. Located in Emerald Isle, NC -- 910-200-8836

Wanted: Original or rebuilt Scorekeeper for a 1950's shuffleboard table which would be in lower legs of the unit. 415-317-1178

Wanted: metal 360 degree loop in upper let playfield (part # 25144) for 1986 Gottlieb Gold Wings..new or used. Glenn Hoover ? 920-927-2822

Wanted: To have an old Bursting Cherries Mills slot machine repaired and overhauled. Located in Boston. Sue Lambert -- 508-660-6048

Wanted: Key or switch for a Yamasa Y-4-94 012360 slot machine. Sookie -- 407 310 0982

Wanted: Restore a 1940's Daval Marvel trade stimulator. Derek Getz -- 5403130294

Wanted: Plastic cover for a Wurlitizer 40315 CD -- 870-612-4815 Wanted: Repair of a jukebox (Mills Constellation 950) -- Tyler -- 708-256-1987

Wanted: Service manual for a 1982 Romantica AMI R1-5. Jack King -- 765-866-0156

Wanted: Wanted parts or pictures or breakdown pictures for a Kochs key wind motor for a model 9984 8 x 22 inch barber pole especially the speed governor Jerry -- 541 915 6274
- - - - -
- - - - - - -

For Sale: Atari Centipede Video Arcade Game - $795 Homeowner must sell. See: Photos & Location

For Sale: Vintage Koch Barber Chair - Special Homeowner Sale in Pennsylvania - $1200. See Photo on Web Page

For Sale: Williams Steam Shovel Crane - See Photo and description

Wanted: Chart for a 1905 Strubler Fan Scale. It's 0 to 10 lbs. 704-214-3032

Wanted: Repair/refurbish a chicago coin hooligan pool. Dan Kulpers (Crown Point, IN) -- 219-613-3087

Parts for an antique American Shuffleboard mechanical scoreboard mechanism, in particular an S48A solenoid. Len Wisner -- 503.504.1335

Wanted: Info of a shake with Uncle Sam, how to make it do the clicking sound when it spines around. Also need a 25 cent coin mechanism toreplace the 50 cents one. Tony Landry -- 817-472-0067

For Sale: A perfect conditioned Vendo 39 that still makes drinks frosty for sale. Jennifer Boone -- 7545811994 for Kathy or 7545811979 for Kevin

Wanted: Repair for a jukebox. Joseph Danner -- 303-434-5819

Wanted: Repair of a 1940's slot machine. Brent Modglin -- 309-678-9092
- - - - -

For Sale: Gas pumps and other petroliana in Hanover, PA. Mark or Robert 717-630-0600 or David Schaub at 717-817-7220

For Sale: 1951 AMI 500 model. Plays 78s and is in perfect working order. Larry -- (908) 763 7293.

For Sale: 3 Rowe/AMI R-91 boxes in vey good condition. All have 100 45's and title strips. Located at White Springs Exit I-75 in North Florida. Chuck Harder -- 386 397-4489

Wanted: Repair of a Seeburg 480 in St George ut. Bill Fulbright -- 435-986-0557

Wanted: Jennings Galaxy Slot Machine with Jackpot. Jon -- 914 582 0498

Wanted: Repair of a Victor 6 foot long coke cooler bar and a wurlitzer jukebox needing work as well. Located in the south hills of Pittsburgh PA. Stuart Williams -- 9172885094

Wanted: Repair person for a Wurlitzer bubbler. Smitty -- 301-384-0775. ?

For Sale: Two barber chairs. -- (814) 923-1343
- - - -

Wanted: Lock latch for the TIT-TAT-TOE as well as the front card for instructions. Would also like the gum section for the DAVAL "Reel 21". Carl Lundin -- 865-567-7700

For Sale: 238 black Edison cylinders. Stored in No. Virginia. Robert Kleinfeld -- 703-973-1756

For Sale: 1946/47 AMI jukebox with several boxes of old records. Located in Shenandoah Valley, VA area. Sandy Taylor -- 540-207-8477

Wanted: Repair person for a C-72 cooling mechanism. Truck Massey -- 703 680 5252

Wanted: Parts for a 1957 Williams Deluxe. Eric -- 816-679 3043

For Sale Bally Nugget 873 Slot Machine - $1350 - Go to Bally Web page for photo and more information.

For Sale: Vintage Popcorn Machine - $1795 - Go to Web Site for photo and more information
- - - -

For Sale: Good Humor Ice Cream Bicycle Cart - $2500 See Photo

Wanted: Repair person for a Seeburg "R" in Wash. DC. Rick -- 202-966-4878

WANTED: Repairman in the New York/ Long Island area (Oceanside, NY) to repair a 1968 Nutting COMPUTER QUIZ machine. Owner has the manual and the schematics. Call: (516) 678-3969.

Wanted: Repair person for a refurbished 1978 Seeburg "Disco" jukebox to adjust the volume control. It's a toggle switch on a "remote control" that has about a 6' cord. The volume doesn't change either up or down when I move the toggle switch. Sarasota area. Jeff -- 518-935-8531

Wanted: A set of lite-a-line or fascination tables for my game room. John -- 317-627-8465

For Sale: Neat Carnival Items and Rides

Wanted: Parts for a Jennings Triplex slot. Warner - Shelton, CT -- 203-225-9217

Wanted: Reel strips for a Daval jiffy. Jack -- 978 758 9688
- - - - - - -

For Sale: El Toro Strength Tester - $1850 - See Web Site for price, photo and more information.

Wanted: Antique pinball collector needs manual and wiring schematic for a l957 williams deluxe electromechanical pinball machine….Bud Henderson… w 304 623 2573 h 3043670521 c 304 203 0888

Wanted: Restoration of a Mills diamond Front Nickel slot. Located in upstate NY. Dan -- 585-787-1310

Wanted: Repair of a 25 cent slot machine. Woodland Hills, CA -- 818-618-1992

For Sale: Barber pole, coin operated 10 cent ride, and a peerless lollipop scale -- 856-469-5163

Wanted: Repair person for a Seeburg 100 selec o matic in Bryson City NC. Jack -- 828 488 1275

Wanted: Conversion of a pepsi machine into a coka-cola machine. This is a smaller vending machine that is ment to be wall mounted. I would like it to look from the 50's or 60's. I would also like it to take 10 cents to vend. Jack in Manteno, Ill. -- 815-791-2931

Wanted: 1942 dime prospector slot from the Flamingo in Vegas. the two ash trays on the side were removed can they be replaced and do you have the parts? David DePeal (928) 4869855

Wanted: Help in restoring a tried simulator "Mercury strength tester" floor model. Bob -- 512-748-8061
- - - - - - - -

For Sale: Mystic Lady Fortune Teller: $6950 - See Web Site for more information

Wanted: Repair of a Double Diamond IGT S+ slot in the Boston area. Steve -- 617-293-5685

For Sale: Rowe AMI r-90 $800.00, a Seeburg SMC1 Disco $500.00, a Rowe AMI r-84 $750.00, and a Seeburg STD3 SunBurst $1000.00 in Idaho Falls. Chris -- business (208) 529-1605 (Mon-Sat 9-7, Sun 10-6); Cell 1 (208) 270-3560; Cell 2 (208) 520-3496

Wanted: Title strips for the CD Wurtilizer One More Time Jukebox. Patricia -- 209 981 4397

- - - - -

Wanted: Parts for a Mutoscope thiegh-O-Graph strength tester (like the monkey pull). Or if someone can make repro parts. Keith -- 480-268-7297

For Sale: Wurlitzer Model 1800 for sale. Lights and mechanicals work, but has a loud hum and doesn't amplify the record. Price: $700. Kevin -- (706) 386-2125

- - - - -

Wanted: Repair of a Wurlitzer 3200. Located in Cornith, NY. John -- 518-654-9714

Wanted: Rowing game. Has a seat mounted on a rail with a T-stick that goes into a console. Console has a LCD screen that shows you competing with another rower. Denver, CO. Anthony -- Tel (DEN) 303 348 3849 | Tel (DENTK) 303 780 3206 Mobile 303 250 1865

Wanted: Wurlitzer wired for an IPod, now plays CSS. Trish -- 714-852-1002

- - - - -

Wanted: The following parts for a Mutoscope Electronic traveling Digger 5 cent machine. 1. Front panel with the small crank close to the chute (mine was cut to make room for 25 cent); 5 cent mechanism; Original cutoff switch mechanism; Replacement chains; Replacement chain rope used for the claw. Frank -- Cell 410-320-2352 Office (410)-800-0788 Ext 702

Wanted: Tune up of slot machine. Sharon PA Frank -- 718-607-9290

Wanted: Restoration of vintage see burg teardrop speaker. Peter -- 646-354-9062

Wanted: Small front door for a ventilator Model 44 coke machine. Gerald Butler -- 251-331-1561
- - - - - -

Wanted: Help to repair a 1950s Coca Cola Vendo 80A soda machine 's internal coin mechanism. The original mechanism has been replaced but now is not accepting the coins (dimes) for some reason. Jenni Barnes -- (703) 981-1034

Wanted: One front knob for a Marvel 1947 Pop Up Baseball Penny Stimulator. Jeff -- (650)796-4999

Wanted: Cleaning and tune up of a 1963 Seeburg.Also repair of the carriage switch. Located in NE Ohio (Medina) Paul -- 440-334-4625

Wanted: Restoration of a 809 Bally Slot Machine (inside and out). Candice -- 678-570-7465
- - - - - - - - - - -

For Sale: 1978 Bally STAR TREK pinball parts. Head no back glass, play field and coin box, and door, manual,cabinet wire harness. in N.J. $25.00 TO $400.00 973-694-6374

Wanted: Glass Globe for a NW 33 Jr vending machine. Contact Scott on 919-880-5725.

Wanted: Ribbon attachment for a National Store specialty scale. john updike -- cell 7037748717 ; home 7037580681

Wanted: Help to repair a 1978 Space Invaders machine. James Kamihachi -- 443-945-0435

Wanted: Repair of an 1903 national cash register model number 74 wide. Located in Methuen MA. -- 978-476-0088

Wanted: Repair of a rockola 404 in Wash., DC. Karen HIll -- 571-239-6700

For Sale: 1937 Model 616a Wurlitzer jukebox. Located in Southern Ct. Needs work. Price: $500. Steve Boucher -- s 860-444-0481.

For Sale: Sewing gold straight pin with the Lord's Prayer engraved on it. From the late 1890's. Bernie -- 254-317-4482

Wanted: Repair of an electric slot machine. Tim -- M: 847.209.9950; F: 877.848.1272 (toll free)

For Sale: 50's Coke machine . Denny Merritt -- Phone: (317)270-4800
- - - - - - -

For Sale: 201 Seeburg. Perfect condition minus the coin mechanism. Ron -- 815-347-6958

For Sale: Helicopter kiddie ride. Brad Parvin -- 815 540 0161 < P>WANTED : ABT bulldog penny coin slide with 3 hole mount and 7" extension from back of face plate to rear of tongue when fully extended. Keith -- (954) 446-5666 < P>Wanted: Replacement indicator for a 1910 toledo green candy scale. Missing sector tape or called sector ribbon. Scale style 405ar. No.412948. Frank Clementi -- 703-338-0884

Wanted: LOOKING FOR "THE BEATLES BACKGLASS" for the 1967 "THE BEATLES/THE BOOTLES" Williams Pinball Machine. -- lipschitzshirts@rogers.com

Wanted: Following items for the 5 cent Bally’s Draw Bell Console, believe it is 1946. Bottom Silkscreen glass, the one where the reels strips sit and the wiring diagram and/or Manual. Ken Kaplan -- 415-999-6578
- - - - - -

For Sale: 1962 Seeburg 160 & 35th anniversary Playboy pinball machines for sale. Both are in fair condition. -- 918-774-4437

For Sale: 7 Seeburg Jukeboxes, working in good condition, located near Cherry Hill, NJ.
Seeburg Models include JL-100, AY160, LPC1, Vogue, LS-1, SS160, and Banjo
Must buy all of them and pick up in New Jersey
Price: $3995. For more information, call 202-338-1342 or Send Email to durham@GameRoomAntiques.com
- - - - -

Wanted: Service of a Rock-ola CD-8 Serial # 25034. Located in in Anaheim CA. Joe -- (714) 743-1263 Cel

For Sale: Seeberg 100 Selecto matic located near York, PA. (10 minutes from Maryland line). Price: $1425 or best offer. Cell # 717-880-5421 after 9pm.

Wanted: Restoration of a very old Chatillon hanging scale around Baltimore, Maryland. David Calder -- 443-939-7806

For Sale: Vendo V 44 coke machine with a bubbler on the side, takes 5 cent coin. Working condition. Very pretty. Louis Bennett -- 813 690 8569

Restoration of a vintage (40's/50's) table top hockey game located in NC. Shawna -- 910-426-8885
- - - - - -

For Sale: Excellent condition rock-ola tempo 1485 in northern suburbs of Chicago. Lynne -- 847-291-1851

For Sale: Seeburg ay160 jukebox in prestine condition and loaded with all original records. -- 6149616130

Wanted: Am working on Wurlitzer 616 that has a 771 amp in it. I need the big three gang bleeder resistor under the chassis. One section is ok but the 2.5K and the 9K ohm sections are open. This is a 30wt resistor. Anything you got we can make up one will do. Also I may need the coupling transformer between the first stage and second stage of the amp. Cliff Porter -- 757-287-77781

Wanted: Repair Manual for Coan U-Select-It Candy machine (round top) Eric Edelman -- 315-569-8123

Wanted: Manual for a Coan U-Select-It machine. I have a spring in the back that works the coin mechanism that I can't figure out where it goes. In Syracuse, NY. Eric Edelman -- (315) 569-8123

Wanted: Key for a 40's Nashville vending machine. Shirley -- 812-430-6938

Wanted: Two windmill blade scoops that vend gum for an Int'l Mutoscope The Old Mill. Wwindmill blade spring, and the 12"+ ring that holds the glass on the front of the machine. Brett Hart -- 812-963-3180

Wanted: Back door and lock assembly with key for a Double Deck, 5 reel, Trade Simulator by Daval Manufacturing Co. (1937). Roger -- 214-457-1261
- - - -

For Sale: Four Upright Slot Machines, including one with music. See: Upright Slot Web Page

Repair service & house calls for pinballs in the Chicago area - Send name, location, phone number and pinball model or year to: durham@GameRoomAntiques.com. Most service Calls can range from $150-350. Outside of Chicago, travel is $1.50 a mile.

For Sale: Black & White Scotch Whiskey Scottie Dog Collectibles

For Sale: 1960s Zoltan Fortune Teller. See Web Site for more information

For Sale: Automatic Music Accordian Machine
- - - - - - - - - -

For Sale: Ultra Large Coffee Grinders: Homeowner Sale See Photos and Pricing

P>For Sale: Arcade Shooting Games & Other 50s/60s Arcade Games

For Sale: Roovers Stamper & Mickey Finn Rope Pull
- - - - - - -

For Sale: Animated Store Displays

For Sale: Unusual, Crazy, Unique

For Sale: Gas Station Accessories Oil Can Racks, Map Stands, Tire Stands, Bullet Cans, Dealer Signs, etc

For Sale: Arcade Cards, movie stars, cowboys, See listing on Arcade Card Web Page
- - - -

For Sale: Neon/LED Posters for sale.

For Sale: Small Neon Sculptures for sale.

For Sale DVD videos to help you repair your Antique Slot Machine Repair by yourself. Go to: Repair Your Own Slot Web Page - - - - -

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

NEW SCAM: The person uses the phone company relay system for deaf people. The operator asks you to accept a call and then reads the message the person types to the operator.

The person then asks for your email and then sends you a fradulent check or money order and asks you to ship the merchandize.

The only safe way of accepting money is as follows: Get cash, a wire to your bank account or if you accept a check or money order, you MUST wait at least 10-12 weeks for it to fully clear. The bank gives you access to the money in checks that you deposit, but it takes 10-12 weeks for it to fully clear. If it is fraudulent, the banks takes the money back from you.

Another scam involves you receiving a check for more than the sales price and the buyer asks you to send them the difference.

My advice, never sell an item you can't get their phone number and talk to them in person and never ship your item till you get cash or the check fully clears.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

- - - -

Warning: Internet Scams
You may get an email from someone overseas who expresses interest in your item. They may even volunteer to have their own shipper pick up the item. They will then pay with a bank check or credit card that is fraudulent. They may send you a check for more than the item and ask you to send the difference to them. Never do that. Unless you get cash in your hand, you have to let any check you receive fully clear the banking system. Your bank will give you access to the funds in 3-5 days, but it can take as much as 6-8 weeks before a fraudulent check is returned to you and then your bank will debit your account. My recommendation is never to accept a check from someone overseas, especially from Africa or Asia, without waiting 8 weeks before you let anyone have the merchandize. - - - - - - -

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