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For SALE: Homeowner sale - Restored Jacobs 26 Coke Machine - $5250. See web page

For SALE: Homeowner sale - Restored Cavalier 72 Coke Machine - $5250. See web page

For Sale: Restored Digger - $1750. See Digger Page for more information

For Sale: 45 rpm records & 45 rpm record sets with title strips, go to: Phila Jukebox Company
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- - - - - -

For Sale: Gumball Machines - See Web Page
- - - -

For Sale: Wholesale Clearance Sale of All Manuals & Schematics
(4) four drawer file cabinets full of Coin Operated Schematics & Operating Instructions for all kinds of coin operated machines and games, thatís 16 drawers full.
They are all in file folders labeled and in alpha order by Mfg/name. 1188 different names or titles of individual Schematics & /or Operating Instructions.
All for under $4 per title, and several titles have duplicates, so the total is over 1188.
They would have to be picked up in Kansas or have a moving company pick them up. We will not crate them.
PRICE: The whole collection including the 4 file cabinets - send email
For more information, email: durham@GameRoomAntiques.com
- - - -

For Sale: 1941 Mutoscope Ace Bomber Rare

For Sale: 1948 Evans Bat A Score Ultra Rare

For Sale: Black & White Scotch Whiskey Scottie Dog Collectibles

For Sale: Music Machines
- - - - - - - - - -

P>For Sale: Arcade Shooting Games & Other 50s/60s Arcade Games

For Sale: Arcade Cards, movie stars, cowboys, See listing on Arcade Card Web Page
- - - -

For Sale DVD videos to help you repair your Antique Slot Machine Repair by yourself. Go to: Repair Your Own Slot Web Page - - - - -

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NEW SCAM: The person uses the phone company relay system for deaf people. The operator asks you to accept a call and then reads the message the person types to the operator.

The person then asks for your email and then sends you a fradulent check or money order and asks you to ship the merchandize.

The only safe way of accepting money is as follows: Get cash, a wire to your bank account or if you accept a check or money order, you MUST wait at least 10-12 weeks for it to fully clear. The bank gives you access to the money in checks that you deposit, but it takes 10-12 weeks for it to fully clear. If it is fraudulent, the banks takes the money back from you.

Another scam involves you receiving a check for more than the sales price and the buyer asks you to send them the difference.

My advice, never sell an item you can't get their phone number and talk to them in person and never ship your item till you get cash or the check fully clears.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

- - - -

Warning: Internet Scams
You may get an email from someone overseas who expresses interest in your item. They may even volunteer to have their own shipper pick up the item. They will then pay with a bank check or credit card that is fraudulent. They may send you a check for more than the item and ask you to send the difference to them. Never do that. Unless you get cash in your hand, you have to let any check you receive fully clear the banking system. Your bank will give you access to the funds in 3-5 days, but it can take as much as 6-8 weeks before a fraudulent check is returned to you and then your bank will debit your account. My recommendation is never to accept a check from someone overseas, especially from Africa or Asia, without waiting 8 weeks before you let anyone have the merchandize. - - - - - - -

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