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New Classified Ads Follow

WANTED : Seeburg 101 selection keyboard. Will consider purchasing a Seeburg 101 “parts” machine. Thanks #813- 340-6859 lid1954@mindspring.com

WANTED: 1 cent coin slide/chute for a 1939 mutoscope worlds fair post card vender. Contact John at TwnHstNut@aol.com

For Sale: 1965 Wurlitzer 2910, working, filled with records - $1995. See: Web Site for Photos

Wanted: MINT SIDE VENDOR" for a 1933 Pace Bantam Mint Vender Reserve Jackpot Slot Machine. Original OR a quality reproduction is fine as long as it has the required linkage to make it functional. Call Kevin: phone# 602-622-3499.

For Sale: Restored Digger - $1750. See Digger Page for more information

Wanted, jukebox repaiman. Seeburg 100C and Wurlitzer 1100. Atascadero, California, Central coast area. Contact Bill at 520-444-2127.

Wanted - Reverse Mutoscope Viewing Machine - There is a 1950's mutoscope machine I think called the Deluxe Mutoscope - it's from the 1950's - and in a wooden box I believe - that plays reverse mutoscope reels, that I'm looking to buy. Also interested in mutoscope internal mechanism ONLY. Please contact at bengfield@juno.com, if you have info.

For Sale: Gulf Marine White Super No Knox gas pump in original condition with guts intact and is operational. Tami, Sebring, Florida -- (863) 464-0109

Wanted: Pinball machines for a game room. Brad, Annapolis -- 703.200.4426 Mobile

Wanted: Service and repair Wurlitzer jukebox 1250 Shelby, NC -- 704_484_9610

ForSale: 1916 Brandt automatic cashier excellent cond. $350.00 Located in NJ. Rich 973-694-6374
- - - - -

For Sale: 1932 Mills Catch the Ball, Groetchen High Stakes, and Western Reel Races. See Web Page for photos.

Wanted: Info and supplies for an Express Popcorn machine. Carlos -- 808-927-7598

For Sale: You have a Mills 1930s QT slot machine. Not fully working. Jodi -- 610-745-4645

For Sale: 1974 Pepsi machine to someone or organization that w ill take take care of it. It works great! Glasper Brown -- 501-547-7617

For Sale: Restored Daval Chicago Club House on large coin base. See: Web Page for photos
- - - - -

For Sale: Chicago Coin's Bulls Eye Drop Ball alley style arcade game. Works well. Sharie -- 317-331-6748

Wanted: Voice recorder for a Zoltan arcade machine. Donna -- 561-775-0282

For Sale: A one dollar 1976 Games of Nevada EM slot machine in excellent condition . C omes from the Sundance West casino and has original casino glass. It has dollar casino tokens in it . Price: $800. Located in Vero Beach, FL. George -- 772 532-9979.

For Sale: 1980s Wurlitzer Jukebox in Virginia, call 703-431-3041

For Sale: Baby Jacks, 3 Jacks. See: Web Page for photos
- - - - -

Wanted: Service person for a Seeburg 160 (circa 1964) jukebox. Ken, New Britain, CT -- 860-836-9808

Wanted: A complete credit unit for a Wurlitzer model 1800 jukebox. Specifically interested in the slug rejector, although would take a complete credit unit. Steve -- (858) 229-4239.

For Sale: A Wayne 505 pump. Brock -- 858-869-7663
- - - -

For Sale: Koken Barber Chair and matching cash register. See Web Page for photos and pricing.

Wanted: Repair of two slots; both light up but will not accept coins. They are: 1. Gold Mountain Model B4933CFIW, Serial number 780607 and Haywire Model B4934CFIW, Serial number 7700563. Neil -- 858-220-6890

Wanted: Schematic for Miro Spirit of 76. Also looking for other paper on Miro or parts. Randy -- 562/434-7271

Wanted: Coca-Cola Coolers with counter tops. Either a 2 or 3 roll up drawer model. Joe Hayes -- 316-734-4200

Wanted: Repair person for a jukebox that won't load 45's. Located in Clifton Park NY. Whitney -- 518-859-5406

For Sale: 1937 Arlington Gambling payout Pinball, not working. Call Steve in Maryland on 301.461.2872

For Sale: A Wayne 505 pump. Brock -- 858-869-7663
- - - - - - - -

For Sale: Rare Gumball/Vending Machines Tall Case Pulver, Leebold, Chicago, & E-Z

Movie Panorama for Sales, needs restoration, located in San Francisco area, shipping appox $300. Price $2495. Contact Ken on 202-338-1342 or send an email to: Web Site for Photo and for more informatmion
- - - - - -

Wanted: NAME YOUR PRICE: I purchased an original Whiz Ball, missing its key. Key shop guy who made a key messed up the cylinder sleeve. I tried to force on a lock nut and the wrench slipped, hit the cam, and that snapped off half the key cylinder. Half stayed on the cam and the other half stayed in the sleeve. So I need a new ANTIQUE cam lock with the large diameter key cylinder face and thick stylish brass cam. Dimensions are: Key cylinder face: 3/4”. Key cylinder length (excluding thickness of face and stub which inserts into the cam) 5/8”. Key cylinder stub (which goes into the cam): 3/8 “ Key cylinder diameter 1/2”. Key cylinder shell, 3/4” long, Key shell diameter 11/16” where round and 5/8” where flat. Brass Cam: 1 &1/8” long and 1/4” thick from inner side of its engaging surface and thin raised finish which runs to its tip, which base is actually 1/8” thick. Shell has number P855 embossed in it and cam is embossed with number 4809 above A-3. Bob Rentzer (818) 521-5000. See PHOTO #ONE and See PHOTO #TWO
- - - -

For Sale: Unique Coin Operated Music Boxes with Gum Vendor

For Sale: Two Juke boxes; one floor and one wall mount. Also, some poker machines and an old cash register. Eric -- 443-206-1657_____________________

Wanted: Repair of a Seeburg 222 located in the Tysons Va area. Dave Fegan -- 703-577-3044

Wanted: Repair of an arcade machine in the Reston, VA area. Nick Linsmayer 1-866-242-9334

Wanted: Repair of an arcade machine in the Reston, VA area. Nick Linsmayer 1-866-242-9334

Wanted: Restoration and repair of a 1960's bar soccer table. Leonard Mares, Westminster, CO -- 720-231-9412

Wanted: Repair of a Spy Hunter and Out Run. 240-535-8836

Repair of a Seeburg 222 located in Ben Baker Akron, Ohio. Ben Baker -- 330-365-6296
- - - - - - - - - - - -

Wanted: An AMI I200 jukebox but would also consider an H or a J model to be delievered to Annandale, NJ. Chris -- UK number 0044 7958418283

Wanted: Restoration of a vintage Jeu de Course horse racing machine. Pam Jones, Shaw, MS -- 662-588-7146

Wanted: Repair person for a Bally electronic slot. Jim Longstaff, Elliot, ME -- 207-748-1049

Wanted: Old duck hunting gamethat did not use a gun. Steve Anderson -- 651-230-7759

Wanted: Servicing of an IGT Wild Cherry Pie slot machine. John Leitch -- 917-855-9797

For Sale: Pepsi Ideal 35 for $700.00 -- Joe Hagedom -- 502-386-7728

Wanted: Repair of two slot machines; Solid God and Tripple Diamond in Durham CA. 530-894-1960
- - - - - -

Wanted: A small trade stimulator pump or a damaged Imp, Cub, Ace, Wings, Bally Baby etc., any other small machine in project condition with a good pump, They all use the small torpedo shaped pump. Contact durham@GameRoomAntiques.com or call 202-339-1342 and leave a message.

For Sale: Seeburg 200 in very good condition but doesn’t operate currently. Located in Maryland. Todd -- 301.452.4116

For Sale: Melody Lane that ineeds wiring and some polishing up - Jennifer, Atlanta, GA -- 404-667-6406

For Sale: Operating 146M Trash Can Juke. Have manuals and many records. Located in SW suburban Chicago (Lockport). Ron Medek -- 815 836-0081
- - - - - - -

Wand Ad: Repair person for a 1960 Seeburg juke box Model DS 160, Serial Number 357672 . Gene. Pahrump, NV -- Call 206-799-1082

Repair person for a Rowe AMI Compact Disc jukebox. Location: Clinton, MDHarold Veney -- 301-297-7732

For Sale: Q=3 Phone Booths. Vernon -- 305-428-2777

Wanted: Repair a Wurlitzer Jukebox Type: MB20/16; Model: OMT 1015 in Memphis, TN Jim Jewett -- 360/616- 0460; 617/997-8935

Wanted: Refurbishing of a Watling Penny Scale located in NY. Ryan -- 631-243-2022

For Sale: Unique & WWII Punchboards

Tube Amplifier Repair, specializing in Wurlitzer, Seeburg & Rockola jukeboxes, Call George Bursor on 518-346-3713

For Sale: Countertop Arcade Machine - Many now on sale. See Web Page

For Sale: Seeburg 200 in very good condition but doesn’t operate currently. Located in Maryland. Todd -- 301.452.4116

For Sale: Melody Lane that ineeds wiring and some polishing up - Jennifer, Atlanta, GA -- 404-667-6406

For Sale: Operating 146M Trash Can Juke. Have manuals and many records. Located in SW suburban Chicago (Lockport). Ron Medek -- 815 836-0081
- - - - - -

For Sale: Gumball Machines - Many now on sale. See Web Page

Wand Ad: Repair person for a 1960 Seeburg juke box Model DS 160, Serial Number 357672 . Gene. Pahrump, NV -- Call 206-799-1082

Repair person for a Rowe AMI Compact Disc jukebox. Location: Clinton, MD Harold Veney -- 301-297-7732

For Sale: Q=3 Phone Booths. Vernon -- 305-428-2777

Wanted: Repair a Wurlitzer Jukebox Type: MB20/16; Model: OMT 1015 in Memphis, TN Jim Jewett -- 360/616-0460; 617/997-8935

Wanted: Refurbishing of a Watling Penny Scale located in NY. Ryan -- 631-243-2022

Wanted: Repair person for a 1952 Seeburg Select-O-Matic 100. Kaufman, Dagsboro, DE -- 302-732-9858

Wanted: Repair person for a Seeburg J unit and a Rockola unit. Ralph, Orlando, FL -- 941-875-4694

Wanted: Repair person for a 1960 Mills slot machine. William, Troy, Al -- 1-334-566-3615.

For Sale: 1950 Wurlitzer model 1250 in good condition. Toby, New Ulm Minnesota -- 5073591996

For Sale: Ideal 35 Pepsi Machine. Joe -- 502.386.7728

Wanted: 1957-59 Bally Skill Nickel Game. PJ -- 210-710-3161

For Sale: 78’s for old jukeboxes. Marty Man Smith -- 662-812-3082
- - - - - - -

Wanted: Repair person for a Rockola 1422 jukebox. George, Bethesda, MD. -- 301-530-9230 15>

Wanted: Lod Slot machine parted for 1975 Bally slot machine. Need lock key and slide that attaches to the door of my machine. Three prongs on box; missing key lock and slide mechanism Shelton CT -- 203 225 9217

Wanted: Repair person for a Rockola 473. It is mechanically frozen. Harry, Ashton, MD -- 301-651-0688

For Sale: 1953 Seeburg jukebox. Needs some work; has all parts and 45's. Glass all good. Sandy -- 609-217-6338

Wanted: Refurbishing of a Ms. Pac Man machine. Rich, Rockville, MD -- 301-529-2586
- - - - - -

Wanted: Jukebox Repair Needed: Wurlitzer 3600 needs some work. Located in the greater Washington DC area, Call Mike on 301-461-3700
- - - -

Wanted: A technician to repair a table top coin operated video game machine at home . The video monitor has stopped working . Joey bennett , District Heights, MD -- 2024457291

Wanted: Aireon Coronet 400 "canned ham", the two outer plastics in amber/butterscotch color Aireon 1200A "super airliner" red fin (right side if standing in front of it). Also looking for a Mills Empress 15" Operadio speaker and Mills N0123 and N7514 keys. Chris Galantine in far Northern CA -- (530) 244-2337

Wanted: Jukebox repair man in the Pittsburgh PA area. Need a cartridge installed into a Wurlitzer 1620. John -- ANTQEDISON@aol.com

Wanted: Reel strips for an old Bally slot machine. Richard Morse -- Wanted: Repair person for a Mills Hightop Slot. Lawton Mullin, Harbor Springs, MI -- 239-298-1065
- - -

Wanted: Repair person in Richmond VA area for a 1980's Wurlitzer CD jukebox. Arm not picking up DC and placing on turntable. Gaynelle -- 804-746-7057

Wanted: Repair person for a Seeburg Select-O-Matic High Fidelity 200. Arm does not pick up record. Located in Kensington MD. Marty -- 301-257-3705

Wanted: Glass for a Seeburg USC-1 jukebox. Mainly need the larger front lower panel and the top instruction panel. Harrisburg, PA -- 717-503-2664

Wanted: Repair person for a one more time Wurlitizer. Currently the records will play/select one side (odd), 101, 103, 105 etc. Located in Indianapolis, IN. Harland Schroeder -- 317-696-3971
- - - -

Sale or Repair: Working Pace 10 cent slot with the tube on top with a numberical window showing number of payouts. Needs to be rechromed: Will, Miami - 786-525-6789

Wanted: Rifle Lens for the Seeburg Shoot The Bear Game. Shoot the Bear marquee and Cardboard background trees. David Rish -- 310 275 8855

Wanted: Parts for a 1975 Las Vegas and Draw. Need a transformer, the 110 volts for the hopper, a permanent reel spin, the 50v handle release coil. Tony -- eyre1@iprimus.com.au

Wanted: Working "grey box" for my Seeburg Vogue I (STD 160) jukebox. David Pease -- dpease@fuse.net

Wanted: Change hopper for a 1964 slot machine model 742a money honey 5 cents. Gustava -- 909 782-2050
- - - -

For Sale: Wholesale Clearance Sale of All Manuals & Schematics
(4) four drawer file cabinets full of Coin Operated Schematics & Operating Instructions for all kinds of coin operated machines and games, that’s 16 drawers full.
They are all in file folders labeled and in alpha order by Mfg/name. 1188 different names or titles of individual Schematics & /or Operating Instructions.
All for under $4 per title, and several titles have duplicates, so the total is over 1188.
They would have to be picked up in Kansas or have a moving company pick them up. We will not crate them.
PRICE: The whole collection including the 4 file cabinets - $4950
For more information, call 202-338-1342
- - - -

For Sale: 1941 Mutoscope Ace Bomber Rare

For Sale: 1948 Evans Bat A Score Ultra Rare

Wanted: Air pump for a Groetchen Mercury and a back cover for a Daval American eagle as well as a front coin cover and flip plate for Daval/comet ace/cub. Dan -- 847-710-1930

Wanted: Repair person for a Wild Lucky 3 reel slot machine, IGT, 1994. Located in Easton, PA. Cindy -- 610-252-3678

Wanted: Jukebox repair person for a Satellite 200 in Oklahoma City. Donna -- 405-996-3347

Wanted: 1973 Gottlieb Jumping Jack pinball machine. Earl -- 410-522-8520

Wanted: Keeny Coffee machine. Gustav -- 248-854-6575

For Sale: 1964 River Boat pinball. Larry -- 540 758 3010
- - - -

For Sale: 1930s Fairchild Junior Basketball Ultra Rare

For Sale: 1982 Gottlieb Rocky Pinball

For Sale: Seeburg Selectomatic 100 model HF100R (not restored). Stephanie -- 717-515-3355

Wanted: Duval Seven come Eleven marquee and plate behind coin drop on a mills skyscraper slot machine. Mark -- 805 544 6762

For Sale: Bally's three line slot machine. Jason -- 972-215-8409

Wanted: Repair manual for a 1949 Genco Floating Power Pinball Machine. Andy -- 808-633-6093

Wanted: A wood base and a Watling Lock and key for a 1930's slot. Jim -- 214-725-1944

Wanted: Restoration o 1955 Seeburg v/v1200 located in Gainesville, GA. Jason -- 678-859-1678

Wanted: Repair of a Flamingo slot machine located at Dobson and US 60 in Mesa. Joe -- 4806501796

For Sale: 1946 5 cent Big Hit. Dave -- 8045120211

For Sale: 1960 Bally Lido Bingo pinball machine. Bill -- (214) 850-3828

For Sale: Antique Bowling machine. Courtney -- 678 933 1035
- - - -

For Sale: Harley Davidson Vendo 44 Soda Machine

Wanted: Wanted parts that operate a the bat for a 1960 William baseball machine. -- 336-339-1915 cell

Wanted: Repair person for a Hunter slot machine, app. 40 years old. It has a pull lever that is stuck. Located in Quad cities Iowa. Rick -- 563.259.3336

For Sale: 1946 5cent BigHit Manufacturer: Exhibit Supply Co., -- 804-512-0211

For Sale: Zoltan Fortune teller machyine. Front glass is original. Eric -- 330-651-4367.

Wanted: Repair person for a Magic Bonus Video Slot, Fruit Bonus 2nd Generation, Fruit Bonus 96, and a Rockola Model B-X. Located in rock hall, MD -- Stephen -- 609-707-7258

Wanted: Parts for a 1940's National Cigarette Machine. -- 920-606-6959

For Sale: Coca Cola machine for sale. 850-814-5527.
- - - - - -

For Sale: 1962 Wurlitzer Jukeboxl located in East Peoria, Il. Brad -- 309-222-0407

Wanted: Servicing of a CD Rock Ola old bubble jukebox from 1944. Located in Winchester VA. MARK -- 540-678-1003.

Wanted: five chain link clips that hold the carriers to the chain of a Coan u-select-it candy machine. Gary -- 1-414-795-3383 P>Wanted: Seeburg capacitor kit. Ed -- 757 472-2336

Wanted: Repair of a Bally Lion Slot machine. Mike -- : (269) 921-3241

Wanted: Service of a Rockola Imperial gp 160 im. Boyertown, PA -- 4846366075

Wanted: Rubber or lester fan blades for wooden telephone booth fan. Also back-up fan motor. Bill. Richardson, TX -- 214/616-6562

For Sale: 1982 Rowe R-86 jukebox, with 200 45's in great shape. Price: $450 Ron Springfield, MA -- 413-426-7063,

Wanted: Repair of a Mills nickel slot machine. Jill Danville, CA -- (925) 820-2227

For Sale: Soda Fountain stools and two tables. Rick -- 518-755-5495
- - - - - - -

Wanted: Adjustment of a Mills Bonus Slot Machine. David Salem, OR -- (503) 363-3736

Wanted: : Talk with someone who has a Mutoscope electric traveling crane to help with restoration project. Ken. Ocala, FL -- 732-915-2183

Wanted: Repair of a slot machine in Wilkes-Barre, PA -- 570-606-5941

Wanted: Repair of a slot machine in Moreno Valley, CA. Will -- 9512757028

Wanted: Repair of an Aristocrat Arcadian slot machine. Joseph -- 815-793-3769

Wanted: National 7M manual for a national cigarette vending machine. William -- (817) 919-3605.

Wanted: Repair of a Bally's slot machine on the Maryland Eastern Shore. Barry -- 410-490-5836

Wanted: Repair of an Aristocrat Regal Super 22. Tim. Cleveland, OH -- 440-476-3981

Wanted: Viewing binocular from the 50's, 60's. Tower optical, coin operated, unrestored. Brian -- 714-287-2205
- - - - - -

Wanted: Repair person for a 1979 Pinball in Rockville MD, call 301-919-3883

Wanted: Slot Machine Repair in Cleveland OH, call 276-971-2568

For Sale: Playboy (Hugh Hefner) pinball, $l,500 firm; the coke machine $900; the Seeburg large speaker $1,250; the Seeburg 1958 Model 201 jukebox $5,000; Seeburg 200 wall box $350. Contact: Dianne Holt in Reno NV at 775-530-1877

For Sale: Character Slot - Homeowner Sale - $3600. See Photos and Description

Wanted: Repair to an older Bally Game Maker slot and a Williams fire slot. Located in Hyde Park, Utah -- 435-890-2607

Wanted: Repair of a digital bubbler cd jukebox. Located in North Park Chicago. Jeff -- jftbomb@hotmail.com

For Sale: Soda Machine. Greg -- 406-260-3413 P>Wanted: Repair of a Rockola Tempo II Jukebox and Seeburg 161 located in Western, MD. Dave -- 301-876-3141

Wanted: Appraisal of a Bally slot machine, model 1088. Located in Colorado. Kelly -- 303-791-1497

Wanted: A complete hopper for a 742 Bally. -- 17802319844
- - - - - -

For Sale: V200 Seeburg in good condition. Also, parts to three newer machines. Located in NJ. Dwight -- 908-895-1850

Wanted: Bottle door for a Vendo 39. Tommy -- 202.437.4334

For Sale: U-Select candy machine - floor model. Price: $500. Located in Benton Harbor, MI Scott -- 310-941-2650

For Sale: Arcade Cards. Emma -- 386-208-0849

Wanted: Manual/schematic for a 1977 Seeburg Slot machine, model P5LF-2. Mike -- 818-840-8986

Wanted: Heating element for a Poperette machine. Jay -- 609-670-0760
- - - - -

For Sale: 1946 Wurlitzer Jukebox and a Multicade, Eric Millegan -- 917-548-7137

Wanted: Repair of a 1969 Jukebox located in Fredericksburg. Lance -- 540-907-4111

Wanted: Manual and parts for a Shipman Spin It Trade stimulator. Cameron -- 403-652- 2272

For Sale: Bally Model 952 & 831 located in Sacramento, CA. Denise -- 916.397.3827

Wanted: Repair of a Bally slot machine video poker located in Beverly Hills. Florence -- 310-99409561

Wanted: Repair of a slot machine located in Napa, CA. Jim -- 707-483-4374

Wanted: Repair of a 1950's electromechanical Bally slot machine located outside of Boston, MA. Matthew -- 617-335-0069
- - - - - -

Wanted: Repair person for a 1957 Rock Ola jukebox 1464. Located in Emerald Isle, NC -- 910-200-8836

Wanted: Original or rebuilt Scorekeeper for a 1950's shuffleboard table which would be in lower legs of the unit. 415-317-1178

Wanted: metal 360 degree loop in upper let playfield (part # 25144) for 1986 Gottlieb Gold Wings..new or used. Glenn Hoover ? 920-927-2822

Wanted: To have an old Bursting Cherries Mills slot machine repaired and overhauled. Located in Boston. Sue Lambert -- 508-660-6048

Wanted: Key or switch for a Yamasa Y-4-94 012360 slot machine. Sookie -- 407 310 0982

Wanted: Restore a 1940's Daval Marvel trade stimulator. Derek Getz -- 5403130294

Wanted: Plastic cover for a Wurlitizer 40315 CD -- 870-612-4815 Wanted: Repair of a jukebox (Mills Constellation 950) -- Tyler -- 708-256-1987

Wanted: Service manual for a 1982 Romantica AMI R1-5. Jack King -- 765-866-0156

Wanted: Wanted parts or pictures or breakdown pictures for a Kochs key wind motor for a model 9984 8 x 22 inch barber pole especially the speed governor Jerry -- 541 915 6274
- - - - -
- - - - - - -

For Sale: El Toro Strength Tester - $1850 - See Web Site for price, photo and more information.

For Sale: Mystic Lady Fortune Teller: $6950 - See Web Site for more information

For Sale: Four Upright Slot Machines, See: Upright Slot Web Page

Repair service & house calls for pinballs in the Chicago area - Send name, location, phone number and pinball model or year to: durham@GameRoomAntiques.com. Most service Calls can range from $150-350. Outside of Chicago, travel is $1.50 a mile.

For Sale: Black & White Scotch Whiskey Scottie Dog Collectibles

For Sale: 1960s Zoltan Fortune Teller. See Web Site for more information

For Sale: Automatic Music Accordian Machine
- - - - - - - - - -

For Sale: Ultra Large Coffee Grinders: Homeowner Sale See Photos and Pricing

P>For Sale: Arcade Shooting Games & Other 50s/60s Arcade Games

For Sale: Roovers Stamper & Mickey Finn Rope Pull
- - - - - - -

For Sale: Animated Store Displays

For Sale: Unusual, Crazy, Unique

For Sale: Gas Station Accessories Oil Can Racks, Map Stands, Tire Stands, Bullet Cans, Dealer Signs, etc

For Sale: Arcade Cards, movie stars, cowboys, See listing on Arcade Card Web Page
- - - -

For Sale: Neon/LED Posters for sale.

For Sale: Small Neon Sculptures for sale.

For Sale DVD videos to help you repair your Antique Slot Machine Repair by yourself. Go to: Repair Your Own Slot Web Page - - - - -

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

NEW SCAM: The person uses the phone company relay system for deaf people. The operator asks you to accept a call and then reads the message the person types to the operator.

The person then asks for your email and then sends you a fradulent check or money order and asks you to ship the merchandize.

The only safe way of accepting money is as follows: Get cash, a wire to your bank account or if you accept a check or money order, you MUST wait at least 10-12 weeks for it to fully clear. The bank gives you access to the money in checks that you deposit, but it takes 10-12 weeks for it to fully clear. If it is fraudulent, the banks takes the money back from you.

Another scam involves you receiving a check for more than the sales price and the buyer asks you to send them the difference.

My advice, never sell an item you can't get their phone number and talk to them in person and never ship your item till you get cash or the check fully clears.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

- - - -

Warning: Internet Scams
You may get an email from someone overseas who expresses interest in your item. They may even volunteer to have their own shipper pick up the item. They will then pay with a bank check or credit card that is fraudulent. They may send you a check for more than the item and ask you to send the difference to them. Never do that. Unless you get cash in your hand, you have to let any check you receive fully clear the banking system. Your bank will give you access to the funds in 3-5 days, but it can take as much as 6-8 weeks before a fraudulent check is returned to you and then your bank will debit your account. My recommendation is never to accept a check from someone overseas, especially from Africa or Asia, without waiting 8 weeks before you let anyone have the merchandize. - - - - - - -

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