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Below are several Collector Club that may interest you. Check back over the next several months and we hope to have several more clubs listed.







The American Historic Juke Box Society (A.H.J.B.S.) is a national, non-profit corporation, chartered under the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The A.H.J.B.S. was organized to preserve the history of antique automatic phonographs known as juke boxes by encouraging the acquisition, restoration, preservation, and exhibition of antique juke boxes and related items such as speakers and wall boxes. The A.H.J.B.S. also seeks to preserve publications, materials and original records pertaining to the development of the jukebox.

A.H.J.B.S. members enjoy social contacts through meetings in the Philadelphia area held on the third Tuesday of each month. These meetings, some including special programs and banquets, are self-supporting and are not paid out of the members annual dues.

The American Historic Juke Box Society (A.H.J.B.S.) also has a technical assistance service to help members repair and/or restore your jukebox? Technical Assistance problems and challenges are usually discussed at the Society's monthly meetings. However, if you are one of our members who cannot attend meetings this service is still available. All you have to do is write the Society with your problem. Someone will call or write to you with a response.

The Society's members are kept informed of A.H.J.B.S. activities through its newsletter "The Jukebox Record" which is published quarterly and includes news, original articles, technical information, and ads for items wanted or for sale or trade. These ads are printed free for A.H.J.B.S. members.

A.H.J.B.S. member can greatly increase their knowledge of antique juke boxes, meet members with similar interests, add to their collections, learn restoration, and enjoy other benefits. By participating in these activities, the members advance the goals of the Society. Membership is $10 per year for an electronic newsletter or $12 per year for a mailed newsletter.

The American Historic Juke Box Society (A.H.J.B.S.) address is 1885 Gravel Pike, Perkomenville, PA 18074. Contact number is 610-876-4375.

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