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Most of us like jukeboxes for their appearance more than their sound. But if you don't have the room, and don't like the countertop jukeboxes, there is another option...one that very few collectors are aware of.

Nightclubs, coffee shops, and diners also had space problems but wanted the customer appeal and profits that a jukebox could give them. The solution to their problem was to, install several central speakers, outfit their booths with selector wall units and buy a "hide-away" jukebox that could be placed in another room or under the counter... And best of all, it was less expensive.

You don't see hide-away jukeboxes at most jukebox shows because few people want a jukebox that doesn't look pretty. But if the hide-away and wall box meets your needs, ask around...you may be able to get the fun of a jukebox at a price you can afford.


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