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Those of us who visit the slot machine shows around the country are familiar with character slot machines. Their realistic artistry always impresses show goers, but most folks donít realize that when character slots leave the show they lead lives of their own. The GameRoomAntiques confidential investigator reveals all.

We know that character slots are nice to look at and fun to play; but, did you realize they can also act as your personal bodyguard? Here is the story of the Midwest storeowner who purchased a pirate slot for his backroom office. The pirate slot held a pistol in his hand ready for any shootout. One evening, a couple of robbers broke into his store and when they entered the backroom, they saw a well built character in the shadows drawing a gun. Not waiting around to get caught, they fired their pistol several times at the character and fled the store. Several bullets injured the pirate slot, but the store was saved and nothing was stolen.

How about the story of the character slot who helped people win thousands of dollars. Another storeowner placed an Indian slot next to his lottery terminal. Instead of having fruit gum reel strips and a payout tube, he used a token slot with numbers on the reel strips. Prospective lottery players played the slot to get the lucky token and to help them select their lucky number.

Character slots also helped retail stores increase their business. These character slots were made with fortune teller reel strips. These are legal for businesses in all stes. The customer puts in his quarter and gets his fortune told and most businesses with the character slot in their store canít believe how their business has increased. The character slot draws so much more attention to their store, not to mention the 100% profit when the slot is played. It really draws attention and is a unique conversation piece.

Other character slots helped their owners profit at antique shows and at auctions. We all know gangsters from the 1930ís made lots of money. One collector bought a gangster slot a couple of years ago and placed it in a local auction. It sold for over $12,000, almost two times more than the purchase price. Now that sounds like a gangsterís business. Also, an Indian character slot recently auctioned in California for $9,000.

Character slots also moved to Hollywood and made guest appearances on TV, including the Regis and Kathy Lee show. Many have gone overseas to live in Europe. We know, for example, that character slots live in France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, England, Ireland, Scotland, etc. Recently, a top country western singer purchased an Indian slot as have many other celebrities around the world. .

Investing in these unique hand caved figures is a good idea, they have the potential to keep appreciating in the future.

To See them, go to: Character Slot Machine Web Page.

Copyright: 1996 Ken Durham.





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