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What is the
Most Unique Slot Machine?

When you think of a slot machine , you think of three reels, a handle, and money pouring out of the front when you hit the winning combination. They look great, they are fun to play and, somethimes, they are profitable.

Now that antique slot machines are legal for home use, more and more people buy them for their game rooms. But, if you don’t want to have what everyone else has, you will want a unique slot machine. Well, what is the most unique slot machine?

Here are my three candidates:

Small is Beautiful

Some say small is beautiful. If you are one of those people, the Vest Pocket slot machine is for you.

The Vest Pocket slot is the world’s smallest payout slot machine. It is only an eight inch cube weighing 18 pounds. Even though it is small, the nickel vest pocket can still hold up to $45 in its cash box.

The Vest Pocket was designed to be inexpensive ($49.50), so that every location could afford one. As a result, it was one of Mills biggest sellers. It was designed small so that it could be quickly put under the counter if the police entered the establishment. The award card plate even flips over, to hide the reel strips so that it wouldn’t look like a slot machine to a policeman.



Royalty is Special

Many believe that “royalty” is special. Are you one of these people? Then, you’d vote for the Jennings “little Duke.”

Not only does it have a royal name, but it also has a unique shape and an art deco design. The most unique feature is its reels, there are none. Instead, there are three rotating discs that read up and down, rather than across.

The Little Duke was introduced in 1932, right in the middle of the depression, and, therefore, many of them were outfitted with penny coin entries (which were worth about 10 cents back then.)



Clothes Make The Man

If you believe that clothes make the man or believe that you can tell a book by its cover, then you’d vote for the Character Slot Machine. That’s my personal favorite.

Character slots came into being in the early 1950’s, when Franck Polk carved 92 life size statues of cowboys and eastern characters to hold slot machines. As the price of an original Polk character slot machine rose beyond the reach of even the most ardent collector, other people started to carve character slots.

Today, the premier craftsman and carver of charter slot machines is from the hunting woods of Western Pennsylvania. This craftsman personally hand carves each of his sculptures and makes your slot machine as unique as you want it to be. If a cowboy, or Indian chief is not unique enough, he’ll carve you a baseball player, golfer, or even an out-of-space creature.

To See them, go to: Character Slot Machine Web Page.

To see if the Vest Pocket slot or the Little Duke slot is for sale, go to Slot Machine Sales Page


Copyright: 1996 Ken Durham.





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