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"What works 24 hours a day without a complaint, seven days each week, day and night, rain or shine?

What does not require you to spend one cent for rent, expensive store fixtures or require a clerk?

What gives you 'cash in advance', never asks for a raise, and allows your money to grow on and on while you eat, sleep or go visiting?"

What is it? It sounds too good to be true. Is it the latest investment scam? Did you guess it?

The answer: Vending Machines....that was the way manufacturers of gumball and peanut machines promoted their machines in the early 1900's. It was for real and many became rich, but despite the claims, it required a lot of hard work.

The marketing pitch still sounds good today:

"Is your present occupation or business keeping your nose to the grindstone?

Are you making all that you ought to make for the time, labor and energy you expend?

Does it seem that the door to success and comfortable living is locked and barred against you?

Then, let us tell you that you don't have to 'pick the lock' or dynamite the door, or resort to any questionable or uncertain measure for making money.

We offer you the opportunity to install and operate a superb line of money makers. A chance in a life time. Very little work, no worry, no time lost and yet you make money while others have to drudge".

"Hard time don't affect this business either because the public never feels the expense of a penny here and a penny there. These pennies mean nothing to each individual, but they do mean large and continuous profits for you when you get them all together".

How much will you make for doing "almost nothing"?

"The average income per machine is $1.50 to $8 each week. Assuming $2 per week, that would generate a net profit of $40 to $60 a year per machine or over $4,000 a year clear profit for 100 machines. Isn't $4000 a year a good spare time salary".

And here is the closing pitch:

If you do not seize your territory at once, someone else will".

And if the sales ptich wasn't enough . . . a few unsolicited testimonials followed:

"This Los Angeles operator has contracted for 1000 of our ball gum machines. Read what he says about the Pellet Vendor".

If all of this sounds good to you ...send $100 to me for each gumball you want to order.


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